Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cutting... First Time's a Charm?

Ok, so I watched a youtube video on how to layer your own hair and was instantly inspired. Thanks to rosebud143! Layers were also inspired by nattyngeorge. However, I've been watching this same video for quite some time now. My hair has always been long and I've always been too chicken to have the scissor touch it, aside from occasional trims. But this day Sept 29th, 2011, I for some reason had the courage to go and try it out.

As I snuck into my bathroom (why? I don't know...), I quickly took the hair scissors from the drawer, placed my ipad on the counter with the video running, had my comb ready, took a deep breath, and... did my first chop. I cut the first layer starting just below my chin and blending it to the length of my hair not touching the bottom length at all.

To accomplish this:

1.  I parted a section of hair above both arches of my eyebrows back about 2" to cut long side swept bangs. I wanted my bangs to fall to the right, so I started cutting from the right side at my jaw line down to a diagonal angle ending about 2" below my chin on my left side.

2.  Then I parted the rest of my hair down the middle and pulled both sides forward over my shoulders to start the rest of the layers.

3.  I started cutting the layers just 2" below my chin where my bangs ended, but on both sides. I pointed the scissors downward towards the ground, tilted my head forward but a little towards the side I wanted to cut and began cutting at a diagonal angle towards the bottom but stopping about 2" before. My hair was trimmed about 1/2" prior to cutting the layers.

If you feel like you want to give it a shot, Rosebud143's video will show you exactly how it's done, step by step.. Mine was more of a modified version. It's was pretty scary but in the end, I really liked it. It gave me a different look... more sexy! I can't wait to see how my curly hair will look with the new layers.

My hair isn't in the greatest condition; shedding, drying, sometimes brittle, thinning... Most of us go through this even if we try to pretend that we don't. Not everybody can have "Kim Kardashian" hair :-) However, the new look definitely minimized the excessive thinning... gave it more body! Would I do it again? YES! I don't regret any of it! Some of the greatest work was created through trial and error. Just don't cut too much at first. Start cutting maybe 1/2"-1" until you get your desired look. We don't want anyone giving themselves a skully!

Please share your thoughts on the new look, what else you would like to see, if you think I should cut more or not, different methods, and your personal experiences with cutting your own hair. Also, send in pictures of your own layers and maybe you'll get lucky enough to have them posted on the site! I'm dying to hear from you guys!

Here are a few before and afters:



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